Wi-Fi Rental

Charge Saipan WiFi

$5 a day   For Saipan

  • * Size : 11cm x 9cm
  • * Speed : 22M/bps (on average)
  • * Use time : 16 Hours
  • * Standby time : 48 Hours
  • * Charging time : 3 Hours
  • * Connects up to 15 devices
  • * Unlimited Data

No registration needed !

Make online reservations without registering. You can verify/cancel/change your reservation at any time.

No extra day charge if returned during AM !

Returns made between 00:00~11:59am will not count toward rental days. PM returns are between 12:00~23:59.

Connects up to 15 devices !

Connects up to 15 devices. Connect iPad, Smart Phone, Tab, Laptop, any Wi-Fi capable devices. Multiple connections may affect the speed.

Unlimited Data !

When using WiFi services under other carriers, when the data limit is reached, speeds will either drop or stop working all together. E-com provides unlimited data with our WiFi so that you can enjoy browsing at 4G-LTE speeds.

Reduced prices, Faster Speeds !

20 times faster browsing speeds than Roaming. With just one device, many participants can connect and reduce roaming charges.

Convenient and Portable !

Take it with you anywhere! Compact size makes it convenient and portable.

Rental and Return at Airport !

Rental processing at Airport booth and return before departure. Faster processing with online reservation.

Speedy After Service !

If a problem occurs with the rented device, you can call or message our Saipan office (288-7788) . We will solve the issue or exchange your device right away.

Have a wonderful trip
with E-com's WiFi !
Have a wonderful trip
with E-com's WiFi !

  How to use Device details

Icons Name Description
Signal Strength Shows current signal strength.
Battery Status Low battery notification
will show on the screen.
Number of
Shows number of connected
Message/Alert Network notification icon.
Network indicator Current network indicator.
Battery boost Charging through another source

  How to use WiFi Setup


1. Turning On

Press power button until device LCD screen turns on.

2. Turn on WiFi

Please turn on WiFi function on your device and Scan available WiFi.

3. Find WiFi name

Look for matching WiFi name from available name.

4. Enter password

Click on matching name and enter password.

5. Connection

Verify "connection" and start use.

Having Trouble ?

Please contact our customer service center at any time.