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Why Blue Prism Technology is different?

by sujathayarlagadda posted Mar 15, 2018 Views 119110 Replies 0


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Blue Prism offers what Forrester Research calls an "Empowered Business Technology." Our unique and innovative robotic automation technology provides an alternative to traditional IT driven approaches by enabling accredited business users, supported by IT, to rapidly, securely and flexibly build, validate, and execute new business processes - across multiple applications and systems, deployed into the enterprise production environment. Blue Prism has taken a simple concept, replicating user activity on the desktop, and made it enterprise strength. The technology is scalable, secure, resilient, and flexible and is supported by a comprehensive methodology, operational framework and provided as packaged software. The technology is developed and deployed within a “corridor of IT governance” and has sophisticated error handling and process modelling capabilities to ensure it can perform at scale within demanding, highly sophisticated operating environments.

Blue Prism is specifically designed from first principles to address the “long tail of change” by providing the operations teams with a self-service capability to address the myriad of short to medium term change and automation opportunities that can be part of the “business as usual” operational framework or be new requirements driven by competitive pressures, regulatory demands, M&A activity and the ever changing operational demands of modern businesses.

The Business Challenge Operational agility increasingly depends on the ability of a business to quickly and easily modify the decisions and business logic that drive and manage its fastest-changing and most dynamic business processes. As a result, business process automation must be rapidly created and repurposed to meet ever changing business requirements. With the increasing scarcity of technology skills and resource time required for developing or implementing process automations businesses often resort to either utilising their overburdened internal IT resources or employing outsourcing or offshore partners. Another issue is that business requirements often change between specification and delivery. All these factors usually result in lengthy, costly and ultimately unsuccessful results. Most organisations have too much of their business logic tied up in applications that are difficult to modify rapidly and adapt to the challenges at the edge of the business.

One of the key advantages of using is speed to delivery, enabling organisations to: 1. Automate business processes rapidly which had previously been un-economic Blue Prism robotic technology to address 2. Rapidly build, test and deploy new components from existing applications using a simple drag and drop process flowchart interface 3. Preserve data integrity by leveraging the existing application presentation layer and underlying application logic with already exists 4. Re-use existing application validation without deep understanding and reengineering.