Wi-Fi Rental

FAQ Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I also rent car chargers ?

  2. Can I rent without reserving online ?

  3. How are total daily charges calculated ?

  4. How cash deposits are returned ?

  5. How credit card deposits are returned ?

  6. How difficult is it to use Wi-Fi device ?

  7. How do I check, modify, and cancel my reservation ?

  8. How do I return the device ?

  9. How do I select rental period if I’m planning to return during AM ?

  10. How fast is 4G LTE Wi-Fi speed ?

  11. How is Guam and Saipan’s overall communication structure ?

  12. How is water damage verified during the return ?

  13. How much are roaming calls ?

  14. I accidentally forgot to return the device but I’m already passed the security check point or brought the device back home with me.

  15. If my phone is only 3G capable can I get 4G LTE Wi-Fi speed ?

  16. Is AM returns count toward rental days ?

  17. Is there free Wi-Fi available on Guam and Saipan ?

  18. Login or Registration not needed!

  19. What can I do if the device is or has become defective during the rental ?

  20. What languages are spoken at the rental booth ?

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